Miles Mosley – Uprising (2017)

For all the steel I see in Mr. Mosley’s eyes, I’m not sure his sound backs it up. There are great grooves here, but they lack a requisite punch to Miles’s soulful stylings. He has the attitude, but I don’t think it always shows in the music. I blame the anemically mixed drums and horns, prominent players in the arrangements that never seem to hold the floor when needed. Miles’s signature stand-up bass comes through cleanly and beautifully, but his loyalty to the acoustic commits the rhythmic profile to that of a jazz combo. And maybe that’s why I’m feeling something lacking – it’s light and jazzy but tries to hit hard like funk. It don’t hit me, but I do prefer funk to jazz, and I do favor big bottoms as a rule.

Anyway, the grooves are good. I hear the potential. I’m always sympathetic to an uprising led by a bassist. Here’s hoping it picks up steam. 6.

Highlights: Abraham