Neil Cicierega – Mouth Moods (2017)

I don’t have a good reason to support this third collection of pop music/meme mashups from internet darling Neil C. Though I was concerned that a third installment of the Mouth saga would be predictable, I was more concerned that it wouldn’t be. I don’t usually go for remixes or mashups, but I go for Neil’s flavor of insanity, a flavor he has injected into this hefty turkey of an album.

It’s as I feared: I still love the tastes. Neil abuses the the common threads of pop music to throw left hooks that leave you toothless, bloody, laughing at the hook, and laughing at your own inner disgust. The brow is too low for this kind of meta-emotion, but Neil’s flagrant disregard for brow level mirrors the same disregard that lives deep inside of me. Hence my concern.

As before, the free-for-alls are bloated and aimless. What a shame to open with one of these after the genius of “Promenade (Satellite Pictures at an Exhibition)”. The best works are the simple pairings, marriages of foul spirit that exploit the betrothed for the good of the audience. Provided you have a rather flexible sense of good.

Not that I classify this album a “guilty pleasure”; Stupid is just another genre. But I admit it’s an escaped 7, and it’s streaking across the stadium before security catches up with it.

Highlights: Floor Corn, AC/VC, T.I.M.E.